Federal Judge Richard Posner, A number one Authorized Voice, Retiring From Bench

One of the nation’s most influential judges and lawful writers, Richard Posner, is retiring as of Saturday with the seventh U.S. Circuit Courtroom of Appeals in Chicago. Posner has created a lot more than three,three hundred opinions in approximately 36 years on the bench, together with scores of books. He is recognized for https://www.bravesedges.com/atlanta-braves/julio-teheran-jersey any sharp wit, apparent producing and thoughts that might be similarly biting and humorous, with occasional references to his cats. Posner explained in the a sertion he is “proud to obtain promoted a pragmatic approach to judging… and to utilize my check out that judicial views really should be effortle s to be familiar with and that judges should really center on the proper and improper in each and every case.” The seventh Circuit’s Chief Decide https://www.bravesedges.com/atlanta-braves/tom-glavine-jersey , Dianne Wooden, phone calls Posner “one on the most distinguished persons to ever sit around the federal bench,” adding “His opinions have experienced an impact all over the world.” Posner was appointed by President Ronald Reagan and was known as a conservative, despite the fact that lately he turned significantly le s so. He instructed NPR’s Nina Totenberg, “I’ve become fewer conservative for the reason that Republican Get together commenced getting to be goofy.” Posner is https://www.bravesedges.com/atlanta-braves/jose-ramirez-jersey surely an outspoken critic from the U.S. Supreme Courtroom and some of it really is justices, at the time indicating in an interview, “It’s not a real courtroom, it truly is a political court.” The 78-year outdated states in his a sertion that he options to continuing teaching on the University of Chicago Legislation University, as he has considering the fact that 1969, and creating “with a particular target social justice reform.”

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Mind Mobile Transplants Are increasingly being Tested Once again For Parkinson’s

Enlarge this imageWhen the neurons that launch the neurotransmitter dopamine die, persons build Parkinson’s illne s.Roger J. Bick &/Brian J. Poindexter / UT-Houston/Science Sourcehide captiontoggle captionRoger J. Bick &/Brian J. Poindexter / UT-Houston/Science SourceWhen the neurons that launch the neurotransmitter dopamine die, individuals acquire Parkinson’s disease.Roger J. Bick &/Brian J. Poindexter / UT-Houston/Science SourceResearchers are working to revive a radical treatment for Ben Zobrist Jersey Parkinson’s illne s. The treatment involves transplanting healthy mind cells to replace cells killed off by the illne s. It’s an approach that was tried decades ago and then set aside after disappointing results. Now, groups in Europe, the U.S. and Asia are preparing to try yet again, using cells they believe are safer and more effective. “There have been ma sive advances,” says Claire Henchcliffe, a neurologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. “I’m optimistic.” “We are very optimistic about ability of [the new] cells to improve patients’ symptoms,” says Viviane Tabar, a neurosurgeon and stem cell biologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Henchcliffe and Tabar joined several other prominent scientists to describe plans to revive brain cell transplants during a se sion Tuesday at the International Society for Stem Cell Research meeting in Boston. Their upbeat me sage marks a dramatic turnaround for the approach. During the 1980s and 1990s, researchers used cells taken directly from the brains of aborted fetuses to treat hundreds of Parkinson’s patients. The goal was to halt the disease.Parkinson’s destroys mind cells that make a substance called dopamine. Without enough dopamine, nerve cells can’t communicate with muscles, and individuals can produce tremors, have difficulty walking and other symptoms. Drugs can temporarily raise dopamine levels, easing symptoms. But their effectivene s tends to wane over time. So researchers thought a better approach would be to simply replace the cells that produce dopamine. “The rationale is that if those cells are lost, and we know they make dopamine, and we know that dopamine is important for good coordination, good automatic movement, why could we not replace those cells,” Henchcliffe says. For some patients, the transplanted fetal cells produced dramatic improvements. But rigorous studies eventually showed that many other patients were not helped. And some developed an unwelcome side effect: uncontrolled movements. So in 2003, researchers declared a moratorium on transplants for Parkinson’s. “There was a stepping back to re-evaluate what exactly just happened,” Henchcliffe says. That took a while. But it’s clear now that over the long term, some patients really were helped by the procedure. Henchliffe got https://www.cubsedge.com/chicago-cubs/addison-russell-jersey to examine five individuals who’d received transplants more than 15 years earlier. “These were patients with decades of Parkinson’s sickne s, and I thought it was really striking that a subset actually seemed to be doing much better than one would expect,” she says. Meanwhile, researchers never stopped looking for ways to make mobile transplants safer and more effective. The early transplants were pretty crude, Tabar says. One problem was that the cells came directly from the brains of fetuses, she says. “What you were placing in the patient was just a soup of brain,” she says. “It did not have only the dopamine neurons, which exist in the ti sue, but also several different types of cells.” Some of those other cells may also have grown in the patients’ brains, causing side effects, she says. To prevent that sort of problem, scientists at Sloan Kettering have spent the past dozen years figuring out how to turn stem cells into pure lines of dopamine cells in the lab. Unlike the transplanted fetal cells, these cells are an exact replacement for the neurons that produce dopamine in an adult mind, “So you are confident that everything you are putting in the patient’s mind will consist of right type of cell,” Tabar says. Another advantage of lab-grown cells is that the supply is unlimited. “Not only can we grow them, in fact we have almost 1,000 doses of these cells already sitting in a https://www.cubsedge.com/chicago-cubs/ian-happ-jersey freezer,” Tabar says. Tabar, along with her colleague and husband, Lorenz Studer, hope the Food and Drug Administration will give them permi sion to begin testing those cells in Parkinson’s patients in 2018. Both have a financial stake in a startup that’s funding the project. Meanwhile, several other groups around the globe are also launching transplant studies. Researchers say a handful of patients in Australia have already received cells. Some scientists are worried that the renewed rush to make transplants work could lead to more disappointments. But Tabar says the time is right. “On the one hand, you don’t want to rush,” she says. “On the other hand I think the field is ready for something bold.”

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Projected Lineup: Predators at Maple Leafs

The https://www.stylepredators.com/nashville-predators-jersey/kevin-fiala-jersey can you get zoloft over the counter, can you get zoloft over the counter, can you get zoloft over the counter, can you get zoloft over the counter, can you get zoloft over the counter, can you get zoloft over the counter. Nashville Predators held a full early morning skate on Tuesday;they begin a three-game highway excursion commencing in Toronto tonight.Anthony Bitetto (IR; upper-body) took aspect in early morning skate, as did Matt Carle. Pekka Rinne (day-to-day; lower-body) didn’t skate on Thursday. Marek Mazanec and Juuse Saros had been the goaltenders around the ice for Nashville. Under is usually a projected lineup to the Preds: p.p1 margin: 0.0px 0.0px 12.0px 0.0px; line-height: 32.0px; font: 16.0px Arial; https://www.stylepredators.com/nashville-predators-jersey/yannick-weber-jersey clotrimazole, clotrimazole, clotrimazole, clotrimazole, clotrimazole, clotrimazole, clotrimazole, clotrimazole. color: #383838; -webkit-text-stroke: #383838p.p2 margin: 0.0px 0.0px 12.0px 0.0px; line-height: 32.0px; font: 16.0px Arial; color: #383838; -webkit-text-stroke: #383838; min-height: 18.0pxspan.s1 font-kerning: noneForwardsViktor Arvid son – Ryan Johansen – James NealColin Wilson – Mike Ribeiro – Craig SmithFilip Forsberg – Mike Fisher – Calle JarnkrokCody Ba s – Colton Si sons – Austin WatsonDefenseRoman Josi – Ryan EllisMattias Ekholm – P.K. SubbanMatt Irwin – Yannick WeberAnthony Bitetto – Matt CarleGoaltendersMarek MazanecJuuse https://www.stylepredators.com/nashville-predators-jersey/ryan-johansen-jersey Saros

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Kevin Rooney’s debut spoiled by Holtby and Capitals

The Devils dropped 1-0 for the Washington Capitals at Verizon viagra and cialis combo pack, viagra and cialis combo pack, viagra and cialis combo pack, viagra and cialis combo pack, viagra and cialis combo pack, viagra and cialis combo pack. Scott Stevens Jersey where can i buy the cheapest tadalafil, where can i buy the cheapest tadalafil, where can i buy the cheapest tadalafil, where can i buy the cheapest tadalafil, where can i buy the cheapest tadalafil, where can i buy the cheapest tadalafil, where can i buy the cheapest tadalafil, where can i buy the cheapest tadalafil. Center Thursday evening. Here is what we learned:one) Kevin Rooney played nine:forty eight in his NHL debut with one blocked shot, succe sful and was 60% succe sful from the faceoff circle. 2) The Devils only had fifteen shots on net, however it was not indicative of time put in inside the offensive zone. They had 24 photographs which were blocked and 11 that skipped the goal for any full of fifty fired in Braden Holtby’s direction. On the https://www.styledevils.com/new-devils-jersey/jesper-bratt-jersey defensive aspect of things, the Devils blocked 19 shots, which includes 5 by Ben Lovejoy, and constrained the most offensive groups in the league to 24 shots on aim.three) Special teams was the real difference tonight as Washington scored the game’s only target within the power engage in, and also place up 9 in their 24 pictures along with the man gain.The Devils will Steve Santini Jersey apply on Friday afternoon at Boston College, the alma mater of head coach John Hynes, before playing the Bruins on Saturday night at TDGarden.

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O�O?O�O?O?O�O�U? U?O�O�O?U� U?U?O?O�U?O?U�

pack hesab

U?U?U?U?U? U�O�U? O�U?U� U�O�U� O�U?O?O�O�:

U?O?O?U?O?O�U�U? O�O? O�U�U�O�U�O�O? O?O� O�U?O�O?O?U? O�O?O�O�U� O?O�O�O�U?U?
U�O�O?U�U?O? U�O�O�O?O?U� U�O�U�U?O�O? O?O� O�O�O?O? O�U?O?U?O?U� U? O?U?O�O�O�
O�O?O?O�U?U? O?O�U?O? U? O?O?O�U� O?O� U�U�U?U� U�O?U�O? U�O�U? O�O?O�O?O?O�O�U? (O?O�O� O? U�O�U�O� O?a�?U�U� U? …)
U?O?O?U?O?O�U�U? O�O? O?O�O�U�O? O�U?O�U� O? O?O�O�U�O?O?U� U? U?U?O? U?O�U?U�O?O�
U?O�U?U� O?U�O?U? O�O�U? O�O?O�O? U�O� U? U�O�U�O�U�O�
U�U?O?O?U� O?O�O� O?O� U�O� O�O?U?U? O�O? U?O�U�O?U?O�
O�U�U�O�U� O�U�O?U�O�U� O�O�U�O�O?O�O? U�O?O?O�U?O�U� O?U� O?U?O?O� O?U�U?U� O?U� O�U?O�O? O�U?O?U�O�O�
O�U�U�O�U� O?O?O�U?U? O?O�O�U?O� O?O?U?U?U� U? U�O?O?O�O� O�O?U?U�O�O?U?U� O?U�O�U� O?O?U?U?U�
O�U�U�O�U� O�O?U?O� U? U?U?O? U?O�U�O?U?O� U? O?O?O?U?U� O?U� O?U� U?O�U�O?U?O� U?O�U?O?
O�U�U�O�U� O�O�O� U�O�O?U� U�U� U�O�U? O?O�U?O�U?O?U? O?U� U�O?O?O�U?O�U� U? U?O� U�O?U?U�U� U? U?O� O�U?O�O?O�U�O?U� U�U� U�O� O?U� O�O?O�O?
O�U�U�O�U� O�O?U?O� O�U?O�O? U�O?O�U�U�O�O? U?O�U�U? (O?U� U�O�U�U�)
O�U�U�O�U� U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? U�O�U? U�O?U�U?O? O�O? O�U�U� O�U?O�U�U? U? U?O� O?O?O?O�O?U? U? U?O�O?O? U�O�U�O�U�O�U? O�U�O?O�O�
U�U�O�U?O? O�U?O�O? O�O?O�O? O?O�O�O? U�O�U�U� U? O?U?O? U? O?U?O�U� O?U?O�U�
U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? O?U?O? U?U� U?O�U�O?U?O� U? U?O� U�U�U� U?O�U�O?U?O�U�O� O?O� O?U?O�U� O?U� O?O�O?U� O?U�O�U�U?
U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? O�U�O? U?O�U?O? U�O�U�O�U�U� U? U?O� O�U?O?O�U�U� U? U?O� O?O�O?U?O�U� O?U� O?O�O?U� O?U�O�U�U?

O�U�U�O�U�O�O? O�O?O�O?O?O�O�U? U?O�O�O?U� U�O?O�U� U?U?O?O�U?O?U�:

– O?O?O�U?U? U�O�U� O?O�U�O? U? U?O�U?O?U?O�U� O?U� O�U?O�O? O?U�U�U?U�U?

– O�U�U�O�U� U?O�U?U� O?U�O?U? O�O�U? O�O?O�O?U�O�

– U�O?O�U?U? O�O�U�O�O?O�O? U�O?O?O�U?O�U� O?U� O�U?O�O? O?U�U�U?U�U?

– O�U�U�O�U� O�U�O?U�O�U� O�O�U�O�O?O�O? U�O?O?O�U?O�U� O?U� O?U?O?O� O?U�U?U� O?U� O�U?O�O? O�O?U?U�O�O?U?U�

– U�O?O�U?U? U? U?O�U?U� O?U�O?U? U�O�U�O�U�O� (U�O? U�O�U�O� O?O� 9 O�U�U�)

– O?O?O�U?U? U�O?O�O�O�O? U�O?U�U?O? O?O�O�U? U�O�U�O� (U�U� O�U�U�U� O�U�U� O?O�O�U�O?)

– O�U�U�O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U? U�O�U? O?O�O�U�O? O?U?O?O� O?O?O?U?O�U� O?O�O�U�O? O?U�

– U?O?O?U?O?O�U�U? O�O? O?O?O?U?O�U� O?O�O�U�O? O�U?O�U� U? O�U�U�O�U� U?O�U?U�O? O?O� U?U?O? U?O�U?U�O?O�

– O?O?O�U?U? U�O�U� O?O�U�U� U? O?U�O�O�U� O�O?O�O?U�O�

– U�O?O�U?U? O�O?U�O�O? U? O�O?U?O� U?O�U�O?U?O� O�O?U�O�O? O?O� O?O?O?O�O? U? O?O�O� U�U�O�U�U�O? U?O�U�O?U?O� U?O�U?O?

– O�U�U�O�U� O?O?O�U?U? O�O�O?O? O�U?O?U?O?U� U? O?U?O�O�O� O?O�O�U? U�U�U� U�U?O? U?O�U�O?U?O�

– O?O?O�U?U? U�O?U?U�U� U? U�U?U� O?O�O�U? U�O?U?U�U� U�O�U? U?O�U?O?U?O�U� O?U� O�U?O�O? O?U�U?U�

– O�U�U�O�U� U�U?O?O?U� U�U� U? U?O� O�O�O� U�U� U�O?O?O�U? O?O�O�U? U�O?U?U�U� U�O�

– U�O?O�U?U? U?O�O�O?U�O�U? U�O�O?U�U? (O?O?O? O? U?O�U� O? U�O�O�O?U� O? U�O?O� O? U�O?O�U�O�O?O? U? …)

– O�O?U?O� U?O�U�O?U?O� O�O�U?O? O? U?O�U?O? O? O?O�U?O?O? O�O? U?O�U?O? U? O?O�U?O?O? O�O? O�O�U?O?

– O?O?O�U?U? O�O�U? O�O?O�O? U? U?O� U�O�U�O� O?O� O?U�O�U� U?O�U�O?U?O� O?O?U� (U�U�O?U�O�U�)

– U�U?O?O?U� O?O�O� O?O� O�U�U?U? U�O� O�O?U?U? O�O? U�O�U�O� O?O� U�U�U?O�U� U?O�U�O?U?O� O?O?U�

– U�U�O�U?O? O?O�O�U?U� U�U?U�O? U?O�U?O? O�U?O?U� O?U� U�U�O�U� U�O?O?O�U? O?O�O?U�O�U� U?O�U�O?U?O� A�O?O?U� O?O� O?O?U� O?U�U�U� F7

– U�U�O�U?O? O�O�U�O�O?O�O? U�O�U�U? O�O�U? O�O?O�O? U? O�U�O? U�U� U�O�U? U?O�O? U�O?O?U� U�U�O?U�O�U� O?O� O�O?U?O� U?O�U�O?U?O� O?O� O?O?U� O?U�U�U� F8

-O�U�U�O�U� O?O?O�U?U? O?O�O�U?O� O?O?U?U?U� O?O�O�U? U�O� U?O�U�O?U?O�

– U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? O?O�O�U?O� U�O�U? O?O?U?U?U� U? U�O?O?O�O� O�U?O?U�O�O� O?O�U�O�U�U� U�U�U?O�U� O?O�O? O?O?U� O? O�U�O? O?O?U?U?U� U�O�U? O?O�O�O?U?O? O?O?U�

– O�U�U�O�U� O�O?U?O� U?U?O? U?O�U�O?U?O� U? O?O� O�U?O�O? U�O?U?U� O?O?O?U?U� U?U?O? U?O�U�O?U?O� O?U� U?O�U�O?U?O� U?O�U?O?

– O�U�U�O�U� O?O?U�U�O�O� U? U?O� O?O?O?O�U�U�O�O� U�O�O?U� O�O?O�O? U�O?O?O�U?O�U� O?U� O�U?O�O? O?O?O?U?

– O�O?U?O� O?U�O? O?O�U?O�U?O? U? U?O�O?O�O�O? O�O? O�U�O?U?U� – O�O�U? O�O?O�O? – O?O�U�U� – U�O?U?U�U�

– O�U�U�O�U� O�O�U? U? U?O� O�O�U�O�O� U? U?O� O�O?O?O�U? O�O? U�U�U� O?O�O?U�O�U? O�O?O�O?O?O�O�U?

– U?O�O�O? U�O�O?U� U�U� U�O�U? O?O�U?O�U?O?U? U? U?O�O?O�O�O?U? U? O�U�U�O�U� O�O�O� U�O�O?U� U�U�U�O� U? U?O� O�U?O�O?O�U�O?U� U�U� U�O� O?U� O�O?O�O? U?O�O?U?O� O?O�U? O�O?U?O? O�O? O?O�O?O? U�U� U�O� U? U�U�U�U�U?U� U�U�O? U�O�O?U� U�U�U�O�U? O?O�O�U? O�O? O?O�U�U�

– O�O?O?O�U? A�U? A�U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? O?U�O�U� O?U?O?U� U�O� U? U?O� O?O?U?U�U�O�U? O?O�O? U�U�U�O�

– O�U�U�O�U� O�O?U?O� O�U?O�O? U�O?O�U�U�O�O? U?O�U�U? (O?U� U�O�U�U�) O?O� O�O�U?O�U? U?O�U?U� U?O�U�O? TTMS (O�U�O?O?)

– O�O?U�O�U� O�U?O?U�O�O� U�U?O?O? U�U�U�O�U? O?O�U?O�U?O?U? U? U?O�O?O�O�O?U? U�U�U?O�U� O?O�O? O?O?U� U�O�U� O�U?O?O�O�

– O?O?U?U?U� O�U�O? O?O�O�U? U?O�U?O? O?U� U�O�U� O�U?O?O�O�

– O�U�U�O�U� U�O?O�O� U�O�O?U� U?O�O?U?O? U�U� U�O�U? O?O�U?O�U?O?U? ( U?O�U?U� O? O?U?O?O? O?U� U�O?O?O�U? O? O?O�U?O?O? O? O�O�O� U�O�O?U� U? U?O� O�O�O� O�O? O?O�O?O? U�O?U?U�U� U? O�U?O�O?O�U�O?U� O?U� O�O?O�O?)

– O�O?O?O�O�U�O�U? U�U�U�U? (U�O�O?U?U� O�O?O�O? O? O?U?O?O�U�U� O?U�U?U� U�O�U�U� U? O�O�U�U�U�O�U? O?O�U?U?O�U?)

-O�U�U�O�U� O�O�O?U�O�O? O�O? U�O?O�U� U?O�U?U� O?O� O�U?O? O�O�U�O�O?O�O? U�O?U�U?

– U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? U�U� U�O� O?O� O?U?O�U� O?U� O?O�O�U?O� O�O?U?O� O? O?O�O�U?O� O?O�O�O?U?O? O? O?O�O�U?O� O�O�O� U�O�O?U� U�O?O?O? O?U� O�O�U? O�O?O�O? U? U?O� O�O�U? O�O?O�O? O�O�O� O?O?U� U�U�U�U�U?U� U�O?O?O? O?U� U�O?U?U�U� U? U?O� U�O?U�O? U? U?O� U�O?O?O? O?U� U?O�O?U?O? U�U�

– O�U�U�O�U� U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? U?O�O?O? O�O?O�O? U�O?O?O�U?O�U� O?O� O?U?O�U� O?U� O?O�O�U?O� O?U� O�U?O�O? O?O�O?U�

– U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? U?O�O?O? O�O?O�O? O�U�O?U?U� U? O�U?O�O?O�O?O�O? O?O�U�U�U? O?O� O�U�U�O�U� O�U�O?O�O�O? O?O�O?U� O?U�O�U�U?

– U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? U�U?O�U?O?U? U�O�U�O�U�O� U? O�U�O?O�O� O?O� O�O?O?U?O�O?U� O�O? U�O�O�O? O�O?O�O?O?O�O�U? U�O�U�O� O? U�O�O�O? U�U?O�U?O?U? U�O�U�O� U? …

– O�U�U�O�U� U�U�O�U?O? O?O?O?O�O? U? O�U�U� O�U?O�U�U? U�U�U?U� U�O�U�O�U�O�U? O�U�O?O�O� O?U� O�U?O�O? U?U�O?O�U�

– U�U�O�U?O? O�U?O? U?O�U?O? U?U� U�O�U�O� U? O�U�O? O�U?O�U�U? O?U�

– O�U�U�O�U� U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? U�O�O�U�O�O? U?U� U�O?O?O�U? O?O� O?U?O�U� O?U� U?U� U�O�U�O� U? U?O� O?O�O?U�O?

– U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? U?O�O?O? U?U� U�O�U�O� O?U� O�U?O�O? U?O�O�O?U� U? U?O� O�O�O?O�U� O?O� O�U�U�O�U� O�U�O?O�O�O? O?O�O?U� O?U�O�U�U?

– U�U�O�U?O? O�U?O�O?O�O?O�O? O?O�O�O?U�O�U�U� U? U�U�U�U�U?U� O?U?O? U? O?U?O�U� U�U� O?U?O�U� O?O�U�U? U�O�U�U?

– U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? O?U?O? U?U� U?O�U�O?U?O� U? U?O� O?O?O?U� O�U? O�O? U?O�U�O?U?O�U�O� O?O� O?U?O�U� O?U� O?O�O�U?O� U?O�U�O?U?O� U? U?O� O?O�O?U� O�U? O�O? O?U�O�O�U� U?O�U�O?U?O� U�O� U? U?O� U?U� O�O�U? O�O?O�O? O?O�O�U?O�

– U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? O�U�O? U?O�U?O? U�O�U�O�U�U� U? U?O� O�U?O?O�U�U� O?O� O�U�O?O�O�O? O?O�O?U� O?U�O�U�U?

– O?U?O?O� O?U�U�U?O�O? O�U?O?O�U�U� (U�U�U?U� U?O�U�O?U?O�U�O� O? U�O?U?U�U� U�O� U? … U�U� O?O� U?U� O�U?O? O�U�O�O�U� U?O�U?O?U� O�O?O?

– U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? O�U?O�O? O?U� O?U� U�O?U?U�U� U�O� U? U�U�O�U?O? O�U�O? U?U� U�O?U?U�U� O?O� O?U?O�U� O?U� O?O�O?U� O?U�O�U�U?

– U?O?O�O�O?U?U?O�U? O�O? O�U?O�O? O�U�O?U? U�U� U�O?U?U�U� U�O�U? O�U�O�O�U� U?O�U?O?U� O?O� O?U?O�U� O?U� O?O�O?U� O?U�O�U�U?

– O�U�U�O�U� O?O�O?O�O?O? U?U?U� O�O? O�U�O?U?U� U? U?O?O�O�O?O�O? O?O�O?O�O?O?U�O�

– U?O?O�O�O?O�O? U�O�O?U?O� O?U� U?O�U�O?U?O� O�O�U?O? O? U?O�U?O? O? O�O?U�O�O? O? O?O�U?O?O? O�O? O�O�U?O? U? O?O�U?O?O? O�O? U?O�U?O?

O?O�O?U?O�U� O?U� O?O�O?U� O?U�O�U�U? U? U?O� O?O�O�U?O� O?O�O�O?U?O? U? U?O� O?O�O?U� O�U? O�O? O?U�O�O�U� U?O�U�O?U?O�U�O� U? U?O� U?U� O�O�U? O�O?O�O? O?U� O�U?O�O? U�U�O�U?O? U�O�O?U?U?O�O? U?O�U�O?U?O�U�O�

– O�U�U�O�U� O�O�O�O�U? U?U?O?O�U?O?U� O?U�O�U�U? O?O�O? U�O�U? U?O?O�O�O?O�O? O?U� O?U�O�U?O�U� (O�U?U� U�O?U�O? O?U� O?O�U�O? O?O�U�O�U�U� U�U?U?O?U? U�U?O�O? O?O�O�O? U? U?O� O?O�U?O? O?U?O?O� O�U?O�O�O? U�O?O�O�O� O�U�O�O�U� U?U?O�O? U? U?O� O?U� O�U?O? O?O�U�O? O?U?O�O�O? O?O�O?U� O?U?O?)

– O�U�U�O�U� O?U?O�O�O?U? U�O�O?U� U�O�U� O�U?O?O�O� U? O�U?O?U?O?U� O� U�U�O�U�O�O? O?U?O?O� O?O�U�O? O?O� O?U?O�U� O?U� O�U?O�O?O?U� U�O�U? U�O�O�O?O�O�U� O?U� O�U?O�O? U�O�O�O?O�O? U�O�O?O�


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U�O?O�O�O�O? U�U�U? U�O�O�U?U�
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ادامه توضیحات محصول

O�O?O�O?O?O�O�U? U?O�U?O?U?O�U�U? U?O�O�O?U�U�U�

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O�O?O�O?O?O�O�U? U?O�O�O?U� U?U� U�O�U� O�U?O?O�O� O�O�U�O? U�O�U�U? U? U�O?U?O�U?O?U? O?O�O�U? U?O�U?O?U?O�U� U�O� O�O?O? U�U� O?O� O?O�O�U?O�O?O�O�U? O�O? U?U?U?U?U? U�O�U? U�O�O?U�U? O?U� O�U?O?U? U?O�O?O�U?U?U? U�U?O�O? O�U?U� O?O?O? O�O? U�O�O�O?O�O�U� U�U? O?O�O?O?. U�U�U�O?O�U?U� U�O?U?O? O�U?U� O�O?O�O?O?O�O�U? U�O?O?O? O?U� O�O?O�O?O?O�O�U? U�O�U? U�U?O�U?O? O?O� O?O�O?O�O� O? O?O�O? O?U�U?O?O?U? O?U� U�U?O?O�O?O? U�U� O?U�O� O?O� O?O�O� U�U�O?O� O�O? 4 O?O�O?O? U�U?O?U?O�U�U?O? U�U�O�U�U�O? U?U� O�O?O�O?O?O�O� O�O�U?U� O�U? O?O� O�U?U� U�O�U� O�U?O?O�O� U�O�O� U�U�U?O?.

ادامه توضیحات محصول